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Keep Korma Apron with 4 x Mild Curry Kits


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The Perfect Gift for Father’s Day or any Curry Lover!

Some Like it Wimpy!

Contains  A Keep Korma and Curry On Apron – with Curry On Cooking spice kits.

 Free P&P


1 x Med/large Apron

4 x Curry On Curry Kits (mild)

  • 1 x Korma Curry Kit (mild) 30g: Korma is a creamy and fragrant curry full of flavour. (Not just for wimps!). It’s a Mughlai dish from North India and is typically made with cream and nuts which adds extra richness.
  • 1 x Tikka Masala Curry Kit (Mild) 30g: Tikka Masala is creamy spiced tomato dish with a hint of lemon. It’s said to be the nation’s favourite dish. Tikka means pieces.
  • 1x Biryani Rice Curry Kit (Mild) 30:g Biryani Rice is an Indian classic rice dish perfect with any currylicious curry.
  • 1 x Pakora Spice Kit (Med) 30g: Pakoras are a firm favourite – a sheer delight of crispy vegetables coated in a spicy chickpea flour, the spice kit can be used to make vegan, meat or fish pakoras.


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Keep Korma Apron with 4 x Mild Curry Kits
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